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Compliance is Easier
Than You Think: 

The Private Equity Manager's Path to Compliance with the Global Investment Performance Standards

This white paper outlines the increased importance for private equity firms to claim Global Investment Performance Standards (GIPS®) compliance and takes firms through the various requirements.


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The SEC issued proposed rule changes to enhance reporting and disclosure for private funds. This increased scrutiny by regulators, and investors, has created a demand for greater transparency and standardization around the presentation of performance.

Download our white paper for an outline of the requirements to claim compliance with the GIPS standards.

Topics covered:

  • Evolution of the GIPS Standards for Private Equity
  • Increasing Demand for GIPS Compliance
  • Fundamentals for Claiming Compliance
    • Firm Definition
    • Definition of Discretion
    • Policies and Procedures
    • Composites and Pooled Funds
  • Input Data and Calculation Methodology
    • Input Data Requirements and Fund IRR Calculations
    • Subscription Lines of Credit
  • GIPS Reports