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Off-Channel Communications – What’s All the Fuss About?


Firms today need to embrace new communication methods and adjust their policies and procedures to include them. In this webcast, our panelists will explore what oversight of off-channel communications should look like.

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Many firms have policies and procedures that do not allow communications via off-channel apps such as iMessage, SMS, WeChat, WhatsApp, but usage of these platforms is increasing between clients and advisers regardless of what policies state. Regulators have taken notice of this departure from firm policies with multiple enforcement actions from the SEC and CFTC over the past few years.

Firms need to learn how to embrace these new communication methods and adjust their policies and procedures accordingly. But what does off-channel communication oversight look like? Our experts will explore exactly that on this webcast.

Discussion Topics

  • Off-channel communications defined
  • Regulatory spotlight on off-channel communications
    • How firms are responding to the challenge
  • Compliance program considerations
    • Comprehensiveness of policies and procedures
    • Targeted training
    • Periodic certifications
    • Spot checking vs. surveillance
  • How technology can assist with strengthening your surveillance compliance program


  • Carlo di Florio, Global Advisory Leader, ACA Group
  • Annie Morris, Chief Product Officer, ACA Group
  • Peter Kenny, Managing Director of Global Surveillance Strategy, ACA Group
  • Krista Zipfel, Director of Regulatory Compliance, ACA Group 


A follow-up webcast will be held next month to dive deeper into the technology-related factors surrounding off-channel communications. 



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