ACA Mirabella - Tied Agent Solution

Our Tied Agent solution through Malta provides a compliant and legal structure for UK firms to legitimately access EU-based investors and clients. Not unlike the UK’s Appointed Representative solution, such access is provided through a MiFID Passport held by our Maltese-regulated firm, Mirabella Malta Advisers Limited acting as the Principal Firm.

Our regulatory scope includes Receipt and Transmission of Orders (‘RTO’), Investment Advice, and Placing (without a firm commitment basis) and is only possible given our recognized substance in Malta, where we have been active since 2014 and have a professional team of 25.

Not dissimilar to an Appointed Representative, after our due diligence (including corporate and individual background checks), we would assist with a local regulatory application to establish the Tied Agent and your approval as a director – once fully approved by the Malta Financial Services Authority you can commence regulated activity in the EU.

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