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ACA's Aponix® Protect

A Complete Cybersecurity Program


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Aponix Protect helps firms address evolving cyber risks and threats to ensure that their cybersecurity needs are covered year-round. This solution is available in three tiers, each one designed to provide firms with a flexible, robust, responsive, and cost-effective cybersecurity program.

Choose one of three levels of coverage most relevant to your cybersecurity needs and partner with Aponix to build, complement, or scale your existing cybersecurity programs.

Get access to ACA’s cyber, privacy and risk consultant base for testing, validation, and operational support for day-to-day cybersecurity coverage as well as the ability to quickly respond to future threats and regulatory changes.

Features of Aponix Protect include:

  • Risk Assessment, Management and Strategy
  • Governance
  • Staff Awareness
  • Privacy
  • Third Party Risk Management
  • Network Testing
  • Incident Response
  • Operational Support
  • Threat Intelligence