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Powerful ESG Software & Data

ACA’s ESG Data & Analytics Solution, Ethos ESG, provides financial advisors, asset managers, institutions, and investors with data and analysis on the impact of companies on the causes you or your clients care about, including racial justice, climate change, LGBTQ+ equality, and more. With over 350,000 impact ratings of stocks and funds across 45 causes, our interactive platform helps firms offer robust impact reporting, monitor and address sustainability risks, and enhance quantitative research and modeling with transparent ESG data.

How we help

  • Research & Due Diligence
    Integrate in-depth, transparent ESG data into your portfolio construction. ACA’s ESG Data & Analytics Solution aggregates 2,000,000+ data points to provide impact profiles on 18,000+ companies and funds. We offer ratings, screens, controversies, scenarios, and 300+ ESG metrics related to carbon emissions, governmental fines, diversity, employee satisfaction, pay equity, tax payments, innovation, business models, and more.

  • Analyze Portfolios & Funds
    Easily conduct ESG risk and impact diagnostics and benchmarks to understand how investments map to widely accepted sustainability frameworks, such as the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and the Paris Climate Accord. Feel prepared to address inquiries related to evolving concerns over environmental, social, and governance issues.

  • Demonstrate Impact
    Deepen client relationships with powerful client impact reports exhibiting alignment with the UN Sustainable Development Goals, the Paris Climate Accord, and your client’s values. Show your clients how their portfolio makes a positive impact with the most customizable, personalized ESG reporting available.

Why work with ACA

  • One-Stop Shopping for ESG Programs
    The demand for ESG data is higher than ever and will continue to grow as regulatory requirements increase around the world. The combination of ACA’s ESG advisory practice and data through our Data & Analytics Solution can meet your needs to develop an ESG program.
  • Regulatory Preparation
    Comprehensive transparent ESG data and portfolio analysis are critical to ensure ESG programs stand up to regulatory scrutiny.
  • Better Value
    We have the agility and capacity to respond to evolving client needs such as coverage requests. Paired with competitive pricing, we can both enable your growth and offer strong value.
  • Increased Impact
    Our analysis and rating methodology is focused on impact in addition to risk management, helping you differentiate your investment offerings and avoid greenwashing.