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Surviving the Macro-Economic Superstorm


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Practical solutions to tackle today's compliance talent and cost challenges.

As the world attempts to normalise after the shocks of recent years, a new conundrum of challenges is surfacing. The rising the cost of living, growing inflation rates, and threat of recession, combined with recruitment and retention challenges, find firms globally having to tackle a new tranche of macro-economic and geopolitical unsettlement.

Many firms now find it more challenging to locate the talent required to fill key roles. This is something that is particularly felt by compliance, performance, and risk teams in financial services firms. 

In an environment of heightened regulation, increasing scrutiny, and cost pressures, they are being challenged to increase the effectiveness of their compliance programs, manage with fewer internal resources, ensure high-quality results, reduce turnaround times, and lower costs. This back-office staffing challenge leaves firms in danger of creating risky exposure gaps in their compliance program.

This white paper:

  • investigates the challenges facing firms today, and the risks these can create

  • looks at some more helpful trends, and then areas where firms today are deploying a managed services approach

  • discusses the benefits of outsourcing certain compliance and performance-related tasks, and how ACA Group supports firms through their managed services team

  • explores how managed services can, with the right partner, enable financial firms to both to embed more efficient processes and free up talent for more value-generating activities.