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Are you struggling to balance your compliance workload or manage retention and satisfaction while maintaining best practices?

Our managed services team is on hand with solutions to these challenges while delivering value and improved outcomes.


Increase the effectiveness of your compliance program
Ensure high-quality results
Manage with fewer internal resources
Reduce turnaround times and lower costs

Our Managed Services team provides our clients with solutions to support their day-to-day compliance requirements. This includes:

Do More With Less

Streamline processes and reduce costs while improving efficiency
Strategically shift cumbersome tasks to optimize team focus on level-appropriate work
Increase operational agility to handle unexpected and cyclical staffing needs

Reduce Risk

Reduce staff burnout risk and support improved work-life balance
Eliminate key person risk and stabilize budget allocations for hiring / retention
Support operational resilience

Maintain Quality and Best Practices

Keep pace with regulatory change and industry best practices
Access peer benchmarking and insights from 6,300+ clients worldwide
Benefit from process recommendations and enhancements


150+ skilled ACA analysts and consultants, all part of a 1,250+ ACA global team providing governance, risk, and compliance services to 6,300+ financial services clients, globally.


Marketing and Advertising / Financial Promotions Reviews

Anti-Money Laundering Due Diligence Support – KYC/CIP Onboarding and AML Screening

Expert Network Chaperoning (and Recorded Calls Reviews)

ComplianceAlpha Regulatory Technology Managed Services – Employee Communications, Compliance Management, Marketing Review, Market Abuse Surveillance, eComms Surveillance

Code of Ethics and Personal Trading System Support

Electronic Communications and Social Media / Online Presence Reviews

Filings (AIFMD Annex IV, Form ADV, Section 13 including F, G, H, and Form PF)

Staff Augmentation / Key Compliance Task Outsourcing

Many of these solutions can be paired with highly efficient modules in ACA ComplianceAlpha®, our award-winning compliance program management platform for financial services firms.


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