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Control Room RegTech Solution Demo

See Our RegTech in Action

Watch how ACA's ComplianceAlpha®  Control Room solution helps compliance and legal teams manage and monitor the flow of sensitive information across your firm. 

This brief demo shows how our technology is designed to be your firm’s central repository for all public and private data, including data related to investment banking, private market deals, and other material non-public information (MNPI) such as wall crossings.

Key Features

  • Employees can easily add records related to deals and MNPI request/notify Control Room about MNPI or wall crossings
  • Utilize open architecture that enables the exchange of data to downstream systems that is critical to employee-level and firm-level restrictions and conflict of interest checks
  • Manage multiple restricted lists including historical records as companies move across lists
  • Create custom-defined restrictions to individuals, firm portfolios, etc.
  • Run conflict checks across different systems to quickly see conflicts related to Control Room records
  • Build custom dashboards and reports with ComplianceAlpha Analytics

If you have questions while you watch, send them through the 'Q&A' box under the presentation, and our team will follow-up with you!