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Solving Investment Industry Challenges

The Strategic Role of Managed Performance Services

White Paper

As the cost of in-house talent increases, firms must adopt efficient investment performance measurement and reporting processes, such as leveraging outsourced performance services.


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The escalating pace of regulatory change coupled with the need for more people to undertake new or expanded forms of compliance processes, has driven a talent shortage and increased turnover. In addition, staffing costs are growing while budgets remain the same. Firms globally are struggling to recruit and retain skilled compliance and performance team members putting pressure on firms to deliver competitive returns and maintain service quality.

To manage costs, firms must adopt efficient investment performance measurement and reporting processes and leverage technology and expertise to reduce the in-house burden.

In this paper, we explore how some firms are solving these resource challenges by:

  • Exploring the case for outsourcing investment performance services and the benefits that come with utilizing a third-party with expertise in calculating investment performance.
  • Examining best practices investment managers should be aware of when utilizing a managed service provider to help ensure a successful relationship.
  • Debunking common concerns, discovering best practices, and uncovering solutions to help firms overcome perceived challenges.
  • Looking into real-scenario case studies to see how firms have benefited from performance managed services.
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